Choosing your WC

When choosing a WC unit, the first thing you have to decide is whether to wall-mount it or stand it on the floor. The decision affects the preparations and building work, and changing your mind during the project is likely to be costly. Once the choice is made, things get simpler – and more fun. Now you have lots of models to choose from, and you can keep searching until you find one that meets your requirements. And don’t forget to use your heart as well as your head when you’re choosing – our WC units will last for years, so you won’t be replacing it any time soon. FLOOR STANDING A floor-standing WC unit is often the easiest – and cheapest – choice. Most bathrooms have a waste pipe built into the floor, so essentially all you have to do is place your WC unit above it and then bond or screw it into place. Our floor-standing models come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you have any specific requirements, our WC units can be easily adapted to suit your tastes and your needs. Why not add a soft-closing seat and a flush button that uses sensor technology? WALL MOUNTED The advantages of a wall-mounted WC unit are clear. The water pipes, waste pipe and cistern are placed inside the wall, allowing you to slim down your WC unit installation and making it look a lot better. Cleaning underneath is easy and the bathroom always looks fresh. A wall-mounted WC unit also frees up floor space and makes the bathroom look bigger. The flush button, which is positioned on the wall, is available in different formats and designs and there are both manual and sensor-operated varieties to choose from. And of course, our wall-mounted WC units are every bit as durable as our classic floor-standing ones.