Choosing your Shower

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a shower is whether you want a shower cubicle or an enclosure. With a shower enclosure, you can save space in your bathroom with a discreet and stylish shower. There are lots of different models and sizes to choose from. But remember, a shower enclosure requires more preparatory work than a cubicle. A shower cubicle is the simple solution. It can be positioned in more places than a shower enclosure, and it doesn’t require the same amount of careful preparatory work, with moistureproofing and wall brackets. Take a look at our smart shower guide to find what you’re looking for. SHOWER CUBICLE A shower cubicle is a completely closed system - a small bathroom in itself, if you will. It has glass or styréne in all directions, and therefore also against the bathroom wall. It stands on a shower tray, integrated in the dubicle, which collects all the water, from where it then headed to drain. This means that you are much freer in terms of the location of a shower. It's perfect for such summer cottage or basement. As a cubicle is relatively dense, it enables also allow you to work with entirely different materials when decorating your bathroom.. SHOWER ENCLOSURES A shower enclosure has no shower tray – the watersaved bathroom floor, with outlet makes the work. It has no back glass doors. The advantage with a shower enclosure is most of all that you save space in your bathroom. A wall is also easy to move to the side when you don´t use it. With Ifös wide range of models and sizes you can yourself pick out the parts you need and make a shower that fits exactly for you.