Choosing your Bathtub

Choose the right bathtub We’ve been making bathtubs for fifty years, and we’re the biggest bath manufacturer in Scandinavia nowadays. Our bathtubs are made of enamelled metal – not the cheapest or the easiest option to work with, but it is the best. What you’ll get is a robust, durable bathtub which is easy to clean both inside and underneath. All our bathtubs also come with flat bottoms so that can shower in your bathtub without slipping. Remember, a bathtub takes up space – but actually not as much space as many people seem to think. Our bathtubs can be positioned however you like, even in the middle of the room. We have all kinds of baths to choose from – freestanding bathtubs, bathtubs with or without front panels, tiled-in bathtubs and whirlpool bathtubs. FREESTANDING BATHTUBS- WITH OUR WITHOUT PANELS A freestanding bathtub is easy to install – and move. If you go for a bathtub without front panels, what you’ll get is a classic bathtub that’s easy to look after and that will stand the test of time. A bath with front panels is more discreet, regardless of whether you go for full or half panelling. This solution will also allow you to hide any pipes that aren’t boxed in. Our bathtubs stand firmly on substantial, adjustable feet or use fixed stands that suit all occasions – calm relaxation and happy playtime alike. TILED- IN BATHTUBS Tiled-in bathtubs are beautiful and create a uniform appearance in your bathroom. Pipes and other things are concealed effectively behind the tiles. Invest in a top quality bathtub. Once your bath has been tiled in, you’ll find it’s difficult, and often expensive, to replace it. WHIRLPOOL BATHTUBS You don’t need a massive bathroom to accommodate a whirlpool bathtub. We have models that won’t take up any more space than your old bathtub. But of course, we also have considerably larger ones which can accommodate two or more people at the same time. There are two massage systems to choose from: water jets from the sides and/or air jets from the base of the bathtub. And of course, our whirlpool bathtubs are every bit as durable and reliable as our regular bathtubs.