Choosing your Washbasin

The wash basin is the suite product that will be used the most and the most. If space is available, please choose a slightly larger basin with good storage areas, it will make life easier bathroom. For those of you with small children, a sink with gently rounded edges to be a safe and good alternative. We have three types of basins: stand alone, together with the cabinet and on top of or under a counter FREE STANDING/WALL MOUNTED WASH BASINS A freestanding wash basin can make your bathroom look clean and elegant. It can be fitted on the wall and connected to the waste pipe either in the floor or concealed within the wall. With the first option, you can conceal the waste pipe with a pedestal; while with the second the waste pipe can be completely hidden. No matter which option you choose, what you’ll have is a wash basin that’s very easy to keep clean because you’ll be able to get at every little nook and cranny below it. COMBINED WITH A BASE CABINET You can also place the wash basin on a base cabinet. The cabinet and the wash basin are designed to go together, forming a harmonious unit. This gives you plenty of space for everything you need in front of the mirror and, since all Ifö’s base cabinets leave a good gap between the unit and the floor, cleaning is also very easy. ON OR BELOW A TOP PANEL Why not place the wash basin on top of a top panel on the base cabinet? The results will be very effective. We have several wash basin models that will give your bathroom a little extra lift. Another option is to bond the wash basin in place, letting a beautiful sheet of wood, marble or even concrete take centre stage.